Cultivation Edit

  • Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art
    • Sui Sovereign
    • Flame Order Palace
    • Fire Tree/Sui Tree
  • Great Boundless Sword Qi (Boundless Great Sword Qi)
  • Monster God Ming King Art
    • 【Ming King Wrath Heart Sword】
  • Soaring Dragon Hundred Forms
  • Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art
  • Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art
  • Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art
  • Sword Gate Visualisation Art (former) 

Physique Refining Art Edit

  • Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art
    • Million Miles The Dragon Soars
    • Twin Dragons Strive For Food
    • Horizontal Thunder Control
  • Sun Moon Prodigious Emanation Art
    • Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art
    • Bright Moon Prodigious Emanation Art
  • Kui Long Celestial Race's Immortal Body

Visualisation Arts Edit

  • Black Tortoise Visualisation Art (Teng Snake + Xuan Turtle)
    • Black Tortoise Gold Spirit Skill
      • Black Tortoise Gold Spirit Shield
  • Million God Ice Saint Art

Combat Skills Edit

  • Spring Thunderbolt Sword Skill
    • Million Lightning Strikes
    • Thunderbolts of Nine Heavens
  • Sixty Four Sword Styles
  • Geng Jin Sword Qi
  • God Banishment Seal
  • Celestial Demon Yi
  • Pan Gu Six Paths

Defence Skills Edit

  • Black Tortoise Gold Spirit Skills
  • Shao Hao Bell

Mystic Arts Edit

  • Mystic Duplication Technique
  • Time Light Spatial Crystal Mystic Scripture
    • Great Cosmic Localisation Art
  • Can Carrier
  • Mythical Infinite Transformation