Most important item that Zhong Yue owns would definitely be Xin Huo's copper lamp. It's where he stores most of his most important treasures, such as the Divine Wing Saber and the Moon Core with the sleeping Innate Moon God

Soul Weapons Edit

  • Dragon Blood Sword Scabbard and Dragon Scale Sword
    • destroyed in a fight with Shui Qingyan
  • Fang Blade
    • given to Long Yue
  • Coral Tree 
  • Demon Saint's Emerald Willow Leaf Sword
    • given to Bo Xun 
  • Divine Wing Saber
    • Steals half of the saber at first 
    • only able to refine a single feather from the saber due to the totem patterns being damaged, giving him the Golden Peng Sword 
    • Claims full saber after Lord Kun takes Zhong Yue's half back, only to be killed by Lord Dragon after Zhong Yue exercises control over his Golden Peng Sword 
    • Sacrificed in ritual to seal Ancestral Star bloodlines 
  • Extreme Soul Weapons: Solar Cosmic Ray Saber and Metamagnetic Divine Ray Saber