There are six secret realms in the cultivator's Yuan Shen and they could take the form of light wheels. The Six Paths of Reincarnation is created during the times of Earth Order Era, a research led by the last Earthly Sovereign Fu Hao. It is the evolution to the postnate living's cultivation system. Fu Hao has standardised the six type of secret realms, each of the secret realms form into a cycle and thus, they are known as the Six Paths Reincarnation.

Secret Realm/Wheel



Wu Xing Five elemental Control of the five elements
Wan Xiang Myriad Augmentation of immense strength
Yin Yang Light & Dark, Balance Control of the Yin and Yang
Shen Cai Life Enhancement of life energy/life force/life essence
Dao Yi Creation Amalgamates the power of all the realms
Bloodline Blood Connects the blood essence of the mortal body and Yuan Shen. Greatly enhances the blood essence of the cultivator

Seven Paths Reincarnation Edit

On top of the Six Paths Reincarnation, the outstanding talents can open the seventh secret realm, this is known as the Seven Paths Reincarnation. Any type of the seventh secret realm along with the original six secret realms together can be considered as the Seven Paths Reincarnation. However, Feng Xiaozhong has standardised the Stellar Secret Realm as the orthodox seventh secret realm.

Secret Realm/Wheel Meaning Power
Stellar Galactic Grants the cultivator with the powers of the myriad stars