The land of the Bai Zhe Clan. Years ago, the Bai Zhe Clan used their prowess and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the other races to dominate the Northern Barren. For the most part, the Northern Barren is a frozen land. The only thing of note occupying it is the Frozen Ancient Capital of the Bai Zhe Clan.

Bai Zhe Clan Edit

The Bai Zhe Clan are the descendants of Lord Bai, a Deity Overlord formerly part of Celestial Emperor Bi Xie's divine court. In their celestial form, they take on the appearance of a qilin with a goat's head, dragon's feet, and wings. They also practice mostly Yin-based cultivation techniques, likely due to their cold environment and innate characteristics. The Bai Zhe Clan are scholars of cultivation techniques, possessing the most comprehensive knowledge of cultivation techniques of any race on the Ancestral Star. They're able to use their knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of other races and cultivation techniques to dominate their opponents in battles. Their obsessive pursuit of knowledge is fueled in part by their belief that those with more knowledge are more powerful, and the ones who know everything are omnipotent. Due to their low fertility rate, they have a low population of 100,000. Some would even theorize that without this holding them back, the Bai Zhe Clan would've dominated the Ancestral Star already. However, due to the rules set by their ancestors and Lord Bai, the Bai Zhe Clan have traditionally avoided involving themselves in wordly affairs, preferring to devote themselves to the pursuit of knowledge. Yet, they won't hesitate to annihilate those who would harm them, including any Zhong Li celestials who have harmed a member of their race.

The Frozen Ancient Capital Edit

The capital of North Barren and home to the Bai Zhe Clan, the Frozen Ancient Capital is a city built out of black ice refined by the Bai Zhe Clan from generation to generation. Due to the low fertility rate of the Bai Zhe Clan, the Frozen Ancient Capital is occupied primarily by snow beast Qi Practitioners serving the Bai Zhe Clan. At the center of the Frozen Ancient Capital lies an ice palace left by Lord Bai. Thought to contain the heritage left by Lord Bai, the ice palace was in fact a seal placed down on a teleportation portal between the Insect Planet and the Ancestral Star.