This is the start of all cultivations, the origin of the Qi Practitioners and the roots of all postnate livings. The Fire Order Era has left behind a path for the postnate livings to achieve what the innate gods could and at times, even better than the innate gods.

Representative Race Edit

Yanzi Celestial Race, descendants of Great Sui, ancestors to the Fuxi Celestial Race. Proficient in the arts of fire.

Rulers Edit

Thirty-two reigns of Sui Sovereign (aka Heavenly Sovereigns, Heavenly Monarchs). Although, some said it was thirty-six reigns.

Notable figure Edit

Great Sui, Long Shezi (lit. Dragon Snake).

  • Long Shezi is the first Sui Sovereign, Heavenly Sovereign and Heavenly Monarch, creator of the totem pattern cultivation system and the founder of Fire Order Era. Thus, earning him the one and only name of Great Sui.

Xin Huo, The Great Preceptor

  • The first fire spirit of the Fire Order Era. He is created by Great Sui and has only one destiny - to pass down the knowledge and heritage of Great Sui to the future generations. Originally, the knowledge and heritage are only meant for the Yanzi Clan but as all of the Yanzi clansmen were killed in a calamity and the race extinct, Xin Huo has no choice but to shift his inheritors to the Fuxi Clan, descendants of the Yanzi Clan.

Downfall Edit

A terrifying war that involves the whole universe has caused the total extinction of the Yanzi Celestial Race.

The Fire Order Era has lasted for over four hundred thousand years of time and has over thirty reigns of Sui Sovereigns in power.