The Earth Order Era is the brightest days of the postnate livings and the glorious times of the Fuxi Clan. After the end of Fire Order Era, the Fuxi Clan has carried the empire on its shoulder. This is when the strongest postnate living has ever lived, the last Earthly Sovereign Heavenly Monarch, Fu Min, a wise leader who is strong enough to even foresee the future. He has lead the many gods and created the next evolution of the postnate living's cultivation system -- the legendary Six Paths Reincarnation.

Representative Race Edit

Fuxi Celestial Race, direct descendants to the Yanzi Celestial Race.

Rulers Edit

Seventy-two reigns of Earthly Sovereigns, Heavenly Monarchs; among which, twenty-three reigns were from the Fuxi Clan. Although, some said there were seventy-seven reigns instead.

Downfall Edit

The death of the last Earthly Sovereign Heavenly Monarch, Fu Min and the birth of Heaven.

A nefarious plot was planned by the few strongest beings in the universe against the Fuxi Celestial Race has eventually led to the end of the Earth Order Era.